Realtors and Property Management should not mix.

Many real estate agents take on property management services as a courtesy to their important investor clients. Management is important – but distracting. Agents are burdened with all the reporting, collection, disbursement of funds, payment of bills and maintenance responsibilities, which preclude them from making more sales. They just don’t have the time to do what they do best – help investors purchase more properties. Additionally, real estate agents with property management responsibilities tend to limit the geographical area where they will show investment properties for fear that the drive between managed properties will be too time consuming.

Realtors should stick to what they do best – making the sale – and let a property management company do what they do best – managing their sales.

Octazon Management provides professional property management service for real estate sales professionals and brokers. At Octazon we provide simplicity and peace of mind!

When providing management services to real estate professionals and brokers, Octazon will not provide the leasing or sales- so the Realtor will never have to worry about losing control over the client.

Whether you own a few properties or hundreds of properties in Florida, Octazon Management, LLC is here to simplify property ownership and management. We can help you manage any and all of your properties. Call us 888-324-9528 or email us today.

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Posted by: marvinkatz on January 7, 2013