Investors are looking outside the stock market and more towards residential single family investment opportunities as a source for yielding a greater return on their investment.

Investors are taking advantage of this new asset class looking to invest in one of the numerous small and large single family residential funds being offered in the market place. These funds typically deliver cash on cash yields that range from 6% to 9% with an exit strategy that can potentially offer returns at 15-20 %. The goal of many of these funds is to sell the houses within three to seven years in one of several ways: a public offering, a sale to an existing REIT or to a large institutional buyer or pension fund. This translates to a great opportunity to purchase single family homes, rent them out and take advantage of the real estate market. Mom-and-pop outfits, investment firms, hedge funds, private equity partnerships and real estate investors have all become big buyers of single family residential properties.

It is one thing for these funds to buy these properties, it’s quite another to manage them. Managing single family homes is time consuming and requires knowledge. Many of these funds are not local and therefore not equipped to manage their portfolios. This is a passive investment for these investors who will find managing the property a distraction. They are not adequately or efficiently equipped to field calls from tenants or vendors, or to deal with rental and maintenance issues. That’s where property managers come in. Property management companies are a key component to the financial success of these funds. A good property management company lets the investors focus on what they do best-making the next deal.

When it comes to managing your single family residential properties, Octazon Management has got you covered. Octazon is here to help bring you peace of mind by effectively managing any and all of your property needs. We provide you with the best service possible; managing your properties efficiently with advanced technology that allows us to stay connected and maintains transparency with our clients.

With Octazon, rest easy, because we bring order to residential property ownership.

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Posted by: marvinkatz on February 12, 2013