July 4th brings out the patriotism in people including your Tenants. But landlords may not want their property to publicly express their feelings of  patriotism, so what’s a property manager to do? Can you prohibit a Tenant from displaying the US Flag on his rental property? 

It depends. If a tenant wants to display an oversized tattered U.S. flag in a non respectful and harmful manner, then you can stop the tenant from doing so. However, a landlord may not stop a tenant from displaying one U.S. flag, regardless of any provision in the rental agreement dealing with flags or decorations, so long as it meets the following requirements:

Ø    The flag is removable and transportable

Ø    It is made from cloth or plastic

Ø    It is  not larger than 4.5 feet by 6 feet

Ø    The placement does not create any type of hazard or damage to any person or property  

 and of course, displaying the US flag must always be done in a proper and respectful manner.

Also, if the rental is not a single family home but rather an apartment with shared common areas, then the flag may not encroach, infringe or interfere with any other tenant’s right to use a particular area or cover any other tenants rented area.

The good news is that the landlord is not liable for damages caused by a United States flag displayed by a tenant.


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Posted by: marvinkatz on June 25, 2013