Do you manage your own investment? Is this your full time job or are you typically busy with your day job and only get to your property problems on nights and weekends.  If that’s you, then you probably manage your investment property(s) in a “Reactive” mode.  You let events and circumstances set your agenda. Every tenant email and tenant phone call catches you by surprise. Huffing and puffing, you painfully scramble to react to keep your investment afloat. Reactive management is exhausting, overwhelming & frustrating.

However, “Proactive” management is anticipating maintenance events, potential problems, and related tenant demands and then planning ahead for them. To be proactive, you have to ask yourself what is likely to happen, and react to it before it happens. Being proactive means being able to anticipate what the future will be and react accordingly before it actually happens.  The problem is, if you self manage, you really can’t be proactive at the expense of your day job.

Hiring a property management company may seem like an added, and maybe even unnecessary, expense. But, a property management company can actually increase the value of your investment thereby increasing your profit. Good property managers focus on being proactive and prevention, reducing the instances of repeat repairs due to mistakes and help keep tenants happy. Also, having a professional manage your property can help you focus on your day job, which in turn can help you add more properties to your investment portfolio.

Are you ready to start being proactive and bring order to your investment? Then Octazon Management has got you covered and can take away your property management headaches and distractions. Octazon is a full service property management company with cutting edge cloud based management technology that provides a wide range of property management services for the single family home and condo investor, to the management of apartment buildings, offices, commercial and industrial properties. Our advanced technology allows us to stay connected and maintain transparency with our clients. Our team can handle everything from tenant and vendor management to maintenance and landscaping, to preparing leases, handling code violations, insurance claims & tax appeals. With Octazon, we bring order to residential property ownership.

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ATTENTION REALTORS: When providing management services to Realtors, Octazon will NOT provide the leasing, rentals or sales– so you never have to worry about losing control of your relationship with the owner. You get to focus on making the next sale and signing up the next tenant, while we handle all your management headaches  

Posted by: marvinkatz on October 18, 2013