During the month of April, Fair Housing will be celebrated across the country.

The Fair Housing Laws are there to protect people’s basic rights and dignity. It is a punishable offense to violate them.

Fair Housing Month is a reminder for all: property managers, realtors, asset managers, maintenance teams and any one else dealing with a tenant (whether prospective or actual) – to be very careful and diligent in not violating the Fair Housing Laws.

Among the more common Fair Housing mistakes are:

  • Failing to train all employees who interact with a tenant or prospective tenant on Fair Housing laws;
  • Denying a disabled tenant’s request for comfort or emotional support animal because your lease doesn’t allow pets or denying a disabled tenant’s request for a more convenient parking spot simply because you feel its unnecessary;
  • Asking a prospective tenant inappropriate questions such as “How many kids do you have?” or “Are you pregnant or married?” or “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” or “What is your age?”; And
  • Failing to track the other additional protected classes beyond the “Federal Seven” in your city, county or local area of operation.

It’s a litigious world, so EDUCATE & PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR TEAM……… You can do this by:

1 Disseminating important Fair Housing information to your team

2. Post Fair Housing posters in your management office

3. Document your actions so you can justify it later in the event of litigation

4. Adopt written policies and stick to them….. Be Consistent in your enforcement!

5. Test your staff. From time to time check to be sure that your leasing staff is following the rules- do mock phone calls and see how they respond.

6. Go to one of Octazon’s seminars and continuous education classes.

For More on Free Housing and how to advertise your property according to the laws, check out part two of this post – APRIL IS NATIONAL FAIR HOUSING MONTH PART II – Advertising Caution  

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Posted by: marvinkatz on April 11, 2014