In my last blog I noted that during the month of April, Fair Housing will be celebrated across the country, as a reminder that when dealing with a tenant (whether prospective or actual) to be very careful and diligent in not violating the Fair Housing Laws. ( See- April is National Fair Housing Month – Know the Laws)

Owners and Investors need to be careful how they advertise to prospective Tenants.

Of course it is ok to market your property and accentuate the features, amenities, qualities of your property and its location,BUT DO NOT MARKET for the type of tenant you want.

For example: Do not advertise or make statements that make a potential tenant feel unwanted by using words like -restricted, safe, exclusive, private, integrated, traditional, perfect for  single professional or great for young couples. All these phrases can be considered discriminatory towards prospective renters simply because they imply that you restrict to whom you rent.

A good idea is to use the fair housing logo or include a statement of non-discrimination at the end of each ad.

Remember Fair Housing claims can be expensive and damaging to your reputation so avoid these common Fair Housing mistakes.

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Posted by: marvinkatz on April 28, 2014