Technology and the Power of Octazon

NAR conducted a 2013-2014 Realtor Technology Survey which found that sales associates and Realtors are continuing to invest in technology for their business, and in 2013 spent more than they had in previous years.

The technology that got the greatest traction amongst sales associates and Realtors is the various smartphones and tablets. Essentially realtor technology has transformed the way sales associates and Realtors do business, allowing them to stay in touch with their customers to maintain their strong, personal relationship and it ultimately enables them to meet their client’s needs.

However, what is surprising is that when it comes to sales associates and Realtors handling their client’s property management, they do not embrace technology or they embrace inefficient technology. Many sales associates and Realtors feel obligated to handle their client’s property management despite it being a distraction, since it is a necessity in keeping connected to the client.  Property management for most sales associates and Realtors is typically draining, time consuming or overwhelming and they wish they could simply unload their property management headaches without the fear of losing clients.

Recognizing these challenges, Octazon Management, through leveraging technology, created unique programs geared towards the sales agent and Realtor community. Octazon can handle their back office management or end-to-end tenant and vendor management ( full property management ) keeping  them focused on what they do best and enjoy – making the next deal.

Octazon uses cutting edge, technologically advanced, cloud based property management software, that fully integrates the entire property management and financial processes. All data is securely stored on remote servers protecting property owners and the Octazon team from loss due to natural disasters, and providing worldwide access to information. Octazon’s technology enable sales associates and Realtors direct access to valuable owner/investor information 24/7, giving them and their client’s confidence and peace of mind.

And as to the fear of losing the client, when Octazon provides management services to the sales associates and Realtors community, Octazon does not provide the leasing or sales- so they never have to worry about losing control over their client.

Octazon’s goal is simple – to enhance, through technology, the sales associates and Realtors  relationship with their client, helping them close more deals and make more money, bringing both them and their clients “simplicity and peace of mind” .

Providing Simplicity and Peace of Mind™ 

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Posted by: marvinkatz on July 23, 2014