Investing In Single Family Homes

Investing in single family homes is still big business. Recently Gaurav Singhania and Brian Grow, of Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC., gave a webinar providing updates and analysis on single family rental performance.

Good news for institutional investors – the gist of their seminar is that single family home rental investing is still growing – it’s still a huge market opportunity. They are very optimistic for its future.

Bill Conerly, an economist stated that given the gradual improvement in jobs, more younger people are likely to move out, either from their parents or from roommates, thereby potentially creating a need for as much as over a  million housing units this year and a like amount next year. And while rising incomes usually lead to buying rather than renting,  as long as we still experience a  less favorable mortgage lending environment, there will still be a demand for renting over buying.

As I previously suggested – stop sitting on the sidelines and start buying investment rental properties.  When the economy improves to the point where your renters can afford to buy again, sell and maximize your investment.


But remember – being an investor is one thing – but being a landlord is a distraction.

When it comes to managing your single family properties, rest easy – Octazon Management has got you covered, can protect your asset and take away your property management headaches and distractions through our full-service or back office property management services. Octazon uses cutting edge, cloud based property management software that fully integrates the entire property management and financial process enabling the investor direct access to valuable owner/investor information 24/7 bringing them “simplicity and peace of mind.”

When providing management services to Realtors, Octazon will NOT provide the leasing, rentals or sales – so you never have to worry about losing control of your relationship with the owner. 

Providing Simplicity and Peace of Mind™ 

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Posted by: marvinkatz on August 18, 2014