Part Three

This is the third and final part to the blog addressing the benefits of a month to month oral lease vs. a month to month written lease. ( View Part One and Part Two)

We have discussed the:

  • Pro’s of  ORAL (non – written) month to month rental
  • Con’s of  ORAL (non – written) month to month rental
  • Pro’s of WRITTEN month to month lease.

We will conclude by discussing the Con’s of a WRITTEN month to month lease.

Having a month to month written lease doesn’t give the landlord any grater peace of mind than an oral month to month lease.  A written month to month lease still gives the tenant an easy and fast way out of the lease with a short notice period. The tenant can leave at any time they desire, so long as they give the landlord at least 15 days’ notice prior to the end of the monthly rental period.  This means the landlord has no peace of mind that his unit will be occupied for the year. The tenant can move out and now the landlord is stuck cleaning up the unit and re-renting, costing the landlord a lot of extra money and loss of rental income.  This is a major disadvantage of a month to month tenancy – whether it is with an oral lease or written lease.

However based on the total Pro’s and Con’s of a monthly oral lease vs. a monthly written lease (that we discussed in these 3 blogs) I would always recommend, (unless the landlord has extenuating circumstances)  having a written one year lease, over having any type of month to month lease.

Bottom line, if you need to go month to month, there are more benefits and protections having a written month to month lease over having an oral month to month lease.

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Posted by: marvinkatz on December 27, 2014