Even the appellate court has weighed in on this by ruling that the term “e-mail” is considered to be a form of “mail,” and is included within the definition of “mail”.

We all know one can mail a three day notice (in which case you need to add on at least a minimum of 5 additional days to the due date – turning the 3 day notice into an 8 day notice). But did you know that you could also send a three day notice by email to the tenant ?

The courts have ruled that the e-mail sent by the landlord to the tenant and acknowledged by tenant through a return e-mail confirmation, constitutes a mailing sufficient to satisfy the requirement set forth in the Florida Statutes.

Note- If you are going to send the three day notice by email, you should make it at least an 8 day notice ( i.e. add 5 additional days to the due date of the 3 day notice)  since the tenant  is entitled to respond by regular mail.

A property manager is authorized to sign and mail or email the notice.

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Posted by: marvinkatz on February 28, 2015