In honor of Fair Housing Compliance Month, I want to share with our Realtors and our Back Office clients,  some Fair Housing compliance tips for Prospective Tenant Screening.

The below questions list what is ok to ask and what is not ok to ask, during tenant screening, in order  to comply with and avoid violating the Fair Housing Act: ( For further understanding on these Do’s and Dont’s, check out our second posting – Tenant Screening, Part II )


• Name, phone number, current address & date of birth? • Are you currently employed? Can we contact your employer?  • Any other income sources?

• What is your credit score – will you allow us to pull a credit report?

• How many people in total will be occupying the property with you?

• Any pets?  • Any smokers? • Reason for moving from previous property?  • Did you give your landlord notice of your moving?  • Who are your previous landlords? Can we contact them?

• Individual Tax ID # or S.S #?  • Are you looking for Section 8 housing? Do you have voucher?  • Are you currently in bankruptcy? Do you have prior dismissals of bankruptcy? • Do you have liens, judgments or collections? • Have you ever been asked to leave by a landlord? Have you ever had an eviction filed against you or been evicted? • Any misdemeanor involving sexual misconduct?  • Convicted of a crime?  • Ever pleaded guilty or no contest to a crime or had adjudication withheld or deferred for a criminal offense?


• Race? • Color? • National Origin? • Sex (gender)? • Do you have any physical and or mental disability/handicap? • Familial status (i.e. children under 18, pregnant, adopted)?

• Religion? • Age? • Political Affiliation? • Ancestry? • Are you currently in the military or are you a veteran? • Marital Status (Married, single, divorced?) • Do you have a marriage license?

• Planning on more children? • Ethnic background? • Sexual orientation? •   Transgender or Gender Identity • Have you ever been arrested?

If you would like to have the above ” Tenant Screening Tips ” in handy business card or  poster form to hang up, please contact Marvin Katz of Octazon Management,


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Posted by: marvinkatz on April 24, 2015